Everything Changed when My Spouse Opened Her Own Business

My wife is after me often to help more with the business we share together. She is actually the president of the company. She hired me on after she found that she needed another employee. We both have to laugh at times at how I struggle with doing some very simple things. But today I did okay after she said that it was a must that I find a place to do online pay stubs so that we could print some out for some paperwork that she needed to turn in. I was lucky that it was so easy to do. I really am trying to pull my weight more around the business.

We both like to laugh a lot because my wife makes so much more money than I did for so long. I have a degree, and I feel that I was doing pretty well. My job paid enough so that she was able to stay home and take care of our son. When he was old enough to start school, she became really bored just sitting at home. She didn’t have to work because I was able to afford it, but she said that she felt that it was time for her to pull her weight with finances. She began selling things online and that business boomed.

We had no idea that her online resale shop would do so well. We both just hoped that it would bring in enough extra money to keep her happy. But over time, more people began spreading the word about her online shop and business just got bigger and bigger. She hired two employees. Then she began making twice the money that I was making! We were astounded. After that, I quit my job and began working for her. It is an interesting change of pace.